Building your own online library

Ever thought of building your own online Library?

Here is a list of free and open-source repository software from Wikipedia which can be used to build your own online library.

  • Archimede, Laval University Library
  • Artudis, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • DAITSS, Florida Center for Library Automation
  • Dienst, Cornell Digital Library Research Group
  • DSpace, DSpace Foundation DuraSpace
  • Enterprise-Wide Digital Repository and Archive, Sun Microsystems
  • EPrints Free Software
  • ETD-db, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • eXtensible Text Framework (XTF), California Digital Library
  • Fedora, Fedora Commons DuraSpace
  • Greenstone, New Zealand Digital Library Project, University of Wankato
  • Invenio, CERN Integrated Digital Library System
  • IRPlus, University of Rochester.
  • Islandora, originally from the University of Prince Edward Island.
  • Keystone Digital Library Suite, Index Data. DLS is no" longer being actively developed."
  • MOAI
  • MyCoRe. Collaborative software development at several german universities such as Universität Duisburg-Essen, Universität Jena, Universität Leipzig, Universität Rostock and others. "MyCoRe" is an acronym meaning My Content Repository.
  • NITRC Resources Registry (NITRC-R). Promotes software tools and resources, vocabularies, test data, and databases, thereby extending the impact of previously funded, neuroimaging informatics contributions to a broader community.
  • NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE). A freely downloadable, or pay-as-you-go virtual computing cloud-based platform pre-configured with popular neuroimaging software tools such as AFNI, ANTS, FreeSurfer, FSL and more.
  • Omeka, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University
  • OPUS. Originally from the Stuttgart University Library ("OPUS" stands for "Online Publikationsverbund Universität Stuttgart"), OPUS is now developed by a consortium of German university partners in Berlin, Dresden, Saarbrücken, and Stuttgart.
  • PeerLibrary, UC Berkeley
  • PubMan. From the eSciDoc project at the Max Planck Society.
  • WEKO, National Institute of Informatics
  • Zenodo from CERN; runs on Invenio (above)
I personally use Omeka for my own online Library, which can be seen here I found it easy to use and to implement.

For free library and information science software see this page on Wikipedia.

It includes:

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