Free images and useful online tools

Here is a list of public domain or creative commons image providers that you can use for your Library promotions, blogs, etc.

  1. Search Creative Commons
  2. Pixabay
  3. Unsplash
  4. Flickr Public Domain Search
  6. Wikimedia
  7. Every Stock Photo
An exhaustive list can be found here on Wikipedia

And here is a list of free useful online tools for images and other things that may come in handy in the Library.

And an honorary mention goes to Magic MockUps which is a handy online service that places your graphics into screens of computers, laptops etc. You can download the mockups for free and with no copyright, or attribution required. Plus it is free for commercial and non-commercial uses.

To make nice graphics I use the free online service Canva.

To create infographics I use this, PiktoChart. Very easy to use.

Sometimes I need to make the background transparent, I use this free online image editor, LunaPic

To make GIFs. Really easy, free.

To create favicons and icons.

Here is a free online tool I use to create words to audio one can also create audio with creative commons background music.

Here is another free text to speech tool which you can use, but you need to download the tool, or use the online demo.

Google Custom Search Engine
Make your own custom search engine powered by Google.

If you want to add a free widget on your website or blog to translate your site this is the one to use. Easy to create the script, just type in your URL and choose your site language, when the page is translated, and the colour theme. Then copy and paste the code to your HTML of your website.

An opensource (but a donation would be good to keep it going) text to speech software that is also available in portable version without having to install, it has realistic text to speech voices especially the Amazon web versions. 

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