From Blog to eBook

I want to make my lovely blog into an eBook magazine at the end of each month. So I had a look around the web on any free online tools that can convert blogs to PDFs.

Here is a list of online tools I found that you might also be interested in should you or your library have a blog:

  1. BookSmith 👍
    • Probably my favourite, can choose different covers as well. Output was the best.
  2. PDF Newspaper by FiveFilters
    • Takes forever to create the PDF if you include images, but the output looks okay.
  3. Blog Booker
    • Not my favourite, I don't like the output of the PDFs, the style isn't that nice. But that's just me.
  4. Zinepal
    • Good output unfortunately will need to sign up for an account.

All are easy to use and intuitive and one shouldn't be any trouble to use it.

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