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Here is a list of free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers or webinars available on the internet for professional development.
  1. Khan Academy
  2. Future Learn
  3. Canvas Network
  4. Open Education by Blackboard
  5. Alison
  6. MIT OpenCourseWare
  7. Duke Online
  8. Stanford Online
  9. Yale Online Courses
  10. Open Yale Courses
  11. Princeton Online
  12. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Online Education
  13. University of Oxford Open Content
  14. edX (auditing the courses are free but receiving a certificate needs payment)
For Library Professionals
  1. WebJunction Course Catalogue
  2. Library Connect
  3. Infopeople
  4. TechSoup for Libraries
  5. Florida Library Webinars
  6. Library Skills

Here is a list of MOOC providers that have both free and paid options.

Here is a list of MOOC providers that offer paid courses.
  1. University of Oxford Online Courses
  2. University of Cambridge Online Courses
  3. University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education
  4. Udacity
  5. Kadenze
  6. Coursera ("Many courses on Coursera have an audit option, which lets you see most course materials for free.")
  7. - check to see if your local library, academic institution, or organisation offers free subscription to this service.

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