Google Trends

Google Trends is a web facility of Google Inc, that shows how popular a search term is around the world. It also provides daily and yearly search trends.You can search what's trending across Google Search, Google News and YouTube and visualise the data. See the data visualization project for examples on how the data is used.

Google Trends have been used to track influenza-like illness in England. There also seems to be a correlation between Google Trends' weekly data of company names and the transaction volumes of their stocks.

To learn more about how to use Google Trends see the Lessons on Google Trends page.

You can search for Daily Search Trends or Real Time Search Trends on the country of your choice.

Google Trends datasets are free to download and to use.

A keyword search trend can also be embedded in your website or blog as well its related queries. The below is an example of related queries and related topics of the term "Library" in Australia.

Anyway, have fun with it, it may come in handy with academic research, for keyword comparison, identifying related search terms, for marketing, identifying trends, news, and search engine optimisation for your website.

Here is a graph of people searching the term "Library" over a 7 day period in Australia.

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