How to make a chalkboard graphic for free


Here is a very quick tutorial on how to make a chalkboard graphic for free! This tutorial may come in handy if you want to make a chalkboard graphic to promote an event in your library, or even online on your blog or website etc.

First, download a chalkboard or blackboard background. Here is a couple you might like:

  1. Chalkboard one
  2. Chalkboard two
  3. Chalkboard with cursive border
  4. Square chalkboard with border

Once you download them, go to Pixlr Express. Upload the background and then choose "Type" from the menu.

Now you can choose "Handwritten" and the type of font you want. I like to use Eraser. If you need more fonts, download more fonts here Be sure to click the "Only show commercial-use fonts" filter unless you are using it for personal use only. Then instal the font onto your computer and use Pixlr.

Type your text in the field below.

Once you are done, click Save.

Here is a sample of a result:

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