Library and information science portal on Wikipedia

I was searching the web and found this wonderful resource. It's a Portal on Wikipedia for Library and information science.

According to Wikipedia, Portals:
are pages intended to serve as "Main Pages" for specific topics or areas. A portal may be associated with one or more WikiProjects; unlike a WikiProject, however, it is meant for both readers and editors of Wikipedia, and should promote content and encourage contribution. Portals are created for encyclopedic topics only and not for article maintenance categories.

However, they may not be here for long. A proposal has been made to eliminate all portals and there is a lot of discussion in supporting and opposing the ending of portals.

Anyway, take a look at the Portal:Library and information science.

I'm also currently looking at a way to create Wikipedia articles into a PDF book. Which used to be possible through Book Creator. But at the moment that functionality is on hold. There is another way of doing it through MediaWiki2LaTeX but I have not tried it out yet. One can download and instal it or use the online version. It is still possible to order the books created in Wikipedia through PediaPress.

BTW here is a search box for Wikipedia:

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