Hi all!

I've been playing around with Wikidata while looking for a map of Libraries worldwide. So what is Wikidata?

According to the website:
Wikidata is a free, collaborative, multilingual, secondary database, collecting structured data to provide support for Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, the other wikis of the Wikimedia movement, and to anyone in the world.

External tools that uses Wikidata includes Ask Wikidata! Just write a question and if the tool understands what you want to know, it will search for the answer on Wikidata.

Another is Wikidata Graph Builder which is a tool to visualise Wikidata items in a graph form.

If you want to make your own query using Wikidata you can use Wikidata Query There are heaps of query examples you can use. One of which is the one I ran for a Library worldwide map I've embedded the resulting map below.

Librarians may have a role in editing Wikidata and improve its quality of references by editing and contributing to it.

So play around with Wikidata and the many tools it has. There is even a game based on have fun playing!

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