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Creating a Trove exhibition using GitHub

Hi all, I found a method to create an exhibition using Trove lists on GitHub . It's called  DIY Trove Exhibition . It's really easy to make and install and in a few hours you'll have something up similar to the one I made which can be seen here . These are the steps you need to take: 1. Go to Trove and Sign up for an account or if you have one, log in. Go to your "User Profile" and click on "For developers" tab. Now sign up for an API. You will need the API key later on. 2. Find some records on Trove and add them to Lists. You can create as many Lists as you like. Make note of the URLs for the Lists. For more information on Lists see here . Remember if you want to exhibit your List on the repository it needs to be set to public. To choose the thumbnail of each list go to Your Profile > Lists > Click List options > click edit list details > click Change list image and choose the thumbnail > click save changes. 2. Create