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How to make audio using MaryTTS

Hi all, Here is a quick tutorial on how to make audio using a Text-To-Speech (TTS) freeware called MaryTTS . First, you need to download and install all the voices for MaryTTS. This will only take a couple of minutes and I made a quick video to show you how it is done and have written step by step instructions on its installation process. 1. Download the latest Runtime Package from MaryTTS website. 2. Now extract the folder and go to the bin folder within the extracted folder. 3. Double click the marytts-server.bat file 4. Now double click the marytts-component-installer.bat file 5. Install all the voice and languages you want, this may take some time to download. 6. After this is finished, close the marytts-server.bat file and reopen it again. 7. Then double click the marytts-client.bat file and choose the audio output from the drop-down list and the type of voice you want. 8. Enter the text in the text field and click play. Once you are happy click save and choo