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Make your own online library easily for free!

This is a short easy tutorial on how to make your own online Library for free. Using WordPress | Using SLiMS  | Using Omeka Using WordPress I'm presuming you already have a Wordpress website, if not you will need to register a domain and find a webhost. A webhost I suggest is WebHostingPad which has good uptime and fantastic support service as well as Softaculous in its CPanel which will be used to install the software listed. The easiest way to install Wordpress to your website is to use Softaculous , an auto installer. Currently Softaculous has over 400 scripts which you can install on their website.  Go to Softaculous, and install Wordpress.   Go to your Wordpress site and install the following plugins: WebLibrarian This is an open source software meaning it is free. If you have any issues go to their page and submit a support issue. Book Review Library  (optional) If you want to add the extra functionality of book reviews being avail

How to make a logo - for free!

Have a website or a blog? Want to make personalised stationery? Want to make a good professional looking logo, for free? Or maybe your library needs a logo for a special event? Here is a short list of my recommended web utilities that you can use to make your own awesome logo....for free! 🌟 Hatchful by Shopify Highly recommended! A great site to make a series of logos which you can choose from. A free online tool by Shopify. Just choose which industry you are looking to make a logo in and other details like the name of the company and the tag line. Logo Maker by Ucraft Easy to use, create a good looking logo. Save your logos by creating a free account. Download in PNG format for free or SVG file format for a small fee. Canva Search for over 1,200 logo templates to personalise to your own taste, download in PNG, PDF, or JPEG format. Very easy to use. HINT : Remember to do a Google Image search to check if there are any other logos that are similar to the one

How to make a website (cheaply) - step by step instructions

So you want to make a website? Not sure how to do it? Here is a suggested step by step instruction on how to do it, cheaply without compromising on quality. Register a Domain Name | Create a Website | Customise the Theme Register a Domain Name 1. If you want, you can register a domain name. My suggestion is to go to Namecheap to register a domain. Why choose Namecheap? a) It costs very little to register and renew a domain name compared to other domain registrars. b) It has free  WhoisGuard Privacy Protection . This means your details aren't visible to everyone on the internet on Whois Database . This added protection is a usually paid feature in other domain registrars such as GoDaddy which will add to costs. c) Don't forget to search for discount codes for Namecheap which will cut costs too. d) NameCheap has free DNS  which other domain registrars may not have. Create a Website 2. Once you have it, go to . However, if you choose a webhost t

Free Google Products

Do you know there are a range of free Google products that have the potential to be useful in your Library, institution or on your personal website? Here is a short list of some of them: Google Custom Search Engine Make your own custom search engine powered by Google. Google Lens A free app to download on your phone, you can take a photo of an item and ask Google Assistant what it is, e.g. take a photo of a bird and ask what type of bird it is. Can also be used to translate languages by taking a photo of of the writing. My Maps (Google) Create your own maps using Google Maps. reCAPTCHA Free service to protect your site using reCAPTCHA. Embed Google Books Embed Google Books on your website using this Preview Wizard. YouTube Subscribe Button Embed a YouTube Subscribe button anywhere on your website. YouTube Player Demo Embed a YouTube playlist, video, or channel to your website using this wizard. How to Embed a Google Calendar to your Website Step by step inst