Free Google Products

Do you know there are a range of free Google products that have the potential to be useful in your Library, institution or on your personal website?

Here is a short list of some of them:

Google Custom Search Engine
Make your own custom search engine powered by Google.

Google Lens
A free app to download on your phone, you can take a photo of an item and ask Google Assistant what it is, e.g. take a photo of a bird and ask what type of bird it is. Can also be used to translate languages by taking a photo of of the writing.

My Maps (Google)
Create your own maps using Google Maps.

Free service to protect your site using reCAPTCHA.

Embed Google Books
Embed Google Books on your website using this Preview Wizard.

YouTube Subscribe Button
Embed a YouTube Subscribe button anywhere on your website.

YouTube Player Demo
Embed a YouTube playlist, video, or channel to your website using this wizard.

How to Embed a Google Calendar to your Website
Step by step instructions on how to embed a Google Calendar to your website.

Google Digital Garage
Free online or face-to-face courses from Google. Some include free or paid certification.

Google Assistant
Voice-based Search Service and AI Assistant.

Google Data Search
Searches data repositories and local and national government websites for datasets.

Google Patent Search
Search through millions of patents, each result with its own page, including drawings, claims and citations.

Google Flights
Find flights. Features price comparisons and travel recommendations.

Google News Archive
Search newspapers dating back to 1800s.

Google Trends
Shows the popularity of particular search terms over time.

Google Messenger
Android app messenger service.

Web Designer
Download this tool to create HTML5 websites that can run on any device.

Public Data Search
Search worldwide public data.

Google Fonts
Fonts for your website or document.

Google Sky
View planets, stars and galaxies.

Google Alerts
Email notification service that sends alerts based on chosen search terms. Alerts can be sourced from web results, Google Groups, news and/or videos.

Want more? For a more exhaustive list see List of Google Products on Wikipedia.

Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay 

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