How to make a logo - for free!

Have a website or a blog? Want to make personalised stationery? Want to make a good professional looking logo, for free? Or maybe your library needs a logo for a special event?

Here is a short list of my recommended web utilities that you can use to make your own awesome logo....for free!

Highly recommended! A great site to make a series of logos which you can choose from. A free online tool by Shopify. Just choose which industry you are looking to make a logo in and other details like the name of the company and the tag line.

Easy to use, create a good looking logo. Save your logos by creating a free account. Download in PNG format for free or SVG file format for a small fee.

Search for over 1,200 logo templates to personalise to your own taste, download in PNG, PDF, or JPEG format. Very easy to use.

HINT: Remember to do a Google Image search to check if there are any other logos that are similar to the one you make, just in case! Click the camera icon next to the search box and upload the image to proceed with the search.

5 Principles of Logo Design

Here are 5 principles of logo design which you should think about when designing one. They are:

1. Simple
Keep the design of the logo simple, making it easy to remember and applicable to your organisation.

2. Memorable
By making it simple and appropriate it becomes distinctive to your organisation.

3. Timeless
Make sure the logo is just as effective in the long term. Don't give in to trends.

4. Versatile
Design the logo in black and white first in order to focus on its concept and shape. Then add colour. See if it can be used in larger media such as a poster, or in different mediums and other colours.

5. Appropriate
Ask yourself if the logo is appropriate for its intended audience. A logo for a law firm will not be appropriate for a logo for a toy shop for example.

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

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