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How to make your own FlipBook for free!

Okay ever thought of making your own flipbook? Here is a way of doing it for free. 1. Go to 2. If you don't already have an account there you will need to sign up. It is free but I suggest you also use 2 factor authentification to help with extra security. 3. Now you can do two things, either download the code if you have your own webhost, or you can fork the GitHub code. 4. Once you either upload and unzip the folder into your webhost, or forked the github, you need to upload your PDF document. 5. Go to the folder pdfjs and open the file viewer.js 6. On line 30 (or you can do a search) change the following line:   var DEFAULT_URL = "compressed.tracemonkey-pldi-09.pdf" ; Replace the string inside the quotation marks with the file name or your PDF. If you had forked it on GitHub you will need to make a GitHub Page. This is easily done. Go to Settings. Scroll down to GitHub Pages then choose Master from the drop down list.

List of useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are JavaScript's stored as bookmarks in a web browser that can be used to execute a wide variety of operations, such as sharing a webpage to social media sites (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), or translating a site to English. Bookmarklets are also known as favelet or favlet (as in favourites). How to install the bookmarklet to your browser Here are a list of useful bookmarklets that I think will come in handy. To use just click and drag it to your bookmarks bar in your browser (see above video). Social Media Sharing Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Google Gmail This Sends an email in Gmail with a link from the website. URL shortener Google Search this Site Google Definition Add event on Google Translate to English Others Shorten URL Send to Kindle 💾 Archive Archive the webpage to Search on Wikipedia Show Password PrintFriendly Print webpage or save it as a PDF and forward the PDF to a friend. Image by  Gerd Altmann  from  Pixabay